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1. Athletic quality
In 2019 we had an amazing strong final with Pablo Andujar winning over Benoit Paire (exactly these two then played two weeks later in the final of the ATP 250 in Marrakech). This is because our tournament has a great date. The Marbella Open is in the second week of the ATP 1000 in Miami and many players who lose in Miami in the first week, want to prepare in Marbella for the clay court season in Europe.

2. Media presence
Already in the second year the Marbella Open had more than 10 hours TV live coverage in Eurosport Spain and LaLiga TV, as well as all matches in worldwide Livestream.

3. Entertainment – VIP Experince
During the tournament week we have Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening live concerts in our VIP area. For 2020 we have planned a night of classic music with Monserrat Caballé Marti and Rodrigo Orrego, a show FALCO meets FREDDY MERCURY and an ABBA Show. These events are limited to 300 VIP guests.

Sustainable environmental protection:
From 2020, our goal is to be environmentally friendly in as many areas as possible under the title "El primero campeonato orgánico" and to lead our audience specifically to this idea. Each of our sponsors is required in his area to contribute. For example, we do not serve water to the players or the public in plastic bottles, but in tetra packs of recycled cardboard. All other drinks are also served in (recycled) paper cups.

MASMOVIL will organize three "Kids - Days" where children from all over the Costa del Sol will be brought from their school with teachers in school buses. But not only that, they are specifically targeted to the environmental issue by receiving information’s and will recive a recycled T-shirt.

We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefor we ask you to book your tickets online. You will receive the barcode on your mobile, will have a quick access to the tournament and take advantage of a big discount.
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